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Say Aloha to Your New Jersey Vacation at ICONA




When looking up the definition of Aloha, it will say it’s a Hawaiian greeting and farewell statement. There is also much broader meaning, as it can be a way of life. Aloha can mean love, affection, peace, compassion, mercy, and more, depending who you talk too. Here at ICONA, we’ve focused on three powerful words: Welcome, Warmth, and Love. Our leading resorts in Wildwood Crest NJ will bring a touch of aloha to your vacation this cozy season.


At ICONA our name is our mission. If we break our name down, it contains two parts: “ICON” and “A”. An icon is a symbol of a sacred person, place, or thing – for us, sacred places. We strive to make our beachfront resorts a sacred place for all of our guests to relax and create cherished memories with family & friends. The “A” symbolizes Aloha. We aim to serve every guest with the Aloha spirit of warmth, welcome & love. Our goal is for ICONA to truly become a sacred place where our guests enjoy a peaceful, heavenly experience with those they love.


When you think of ICONA, we hope the warmness of our accommodations and our friendly staff to come to mind. We recognize that you, our guests, have chosen our beautiful resorts in Wildwood Crest NJ as your destination getaway, so we are humbled to serve you to the best of our ability with warm smiles and great care. It’s essential for team ICONA to create a friendly environment, so we enjoy engaging with our guests whenever we can. We’ll make sure you not only enjoy the calm beachfront resorts, but you’ll create some fantastic memories that will inspire you to be a part of our ICONA family for years to come.


One of the sweetest sounds to a person is their own name; we’ll make sure you’re not just another guest checking in when you spend some time at ICONA. We’ll get to know your name and learn about you, your preferences, and what you could potentially want for your vacation to New Jersey.

Aloha Spirit

At ICONA we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service for our guests, and nothing says a great vacation like ALOHA. This type of spirit isn’t just in how we greet you, our guests, it’s in everything we do at our properties. From food and beverage service to the comfort and cleanliness of your accommodations and beyond. We’ll make sure you’ll feel right at home, from the moment you walk through our doors, to moment you wave goodbye. Find your Aloha along the shores of our resorts in Wildwood Crest NJ; we’ll be waiting to welcome you. Create incredible memories this the New Year!





Ring in the New Year at Our NJ Beach Resorts

Ring in the New Year at Our NJ Beach Resorts

With only a few days until the ball drops and we ring in 2018, there is still plenty of time to book your New Year’s Eve party at our NJ beach resorts! Whether you pop the champagne, throw confetti, or eat some delicious food, we’ve got it all here along the Atlantic Coast. Here is what you can experience when you come celebrate the bright new beginning with ICONA.


We’ve got one of the most significant party locations on the Shore, and you won’t want to miss out this year. At two of our resorts, ICONA Diamond Beach and ICONA Avalon you’ll find some of the best and tastiest options around town. Whether you choose our Value Package or our Dine, Dance & Delight package, you’ll have everything you could dream of for the perfect NYE celebration. If you’re still not sure which you’d like to enjoy this year, try our Al La Carte option to spice up your New Year here at ICONA. With Dinner options featuring a four course or 5-course meal with wine pairings, or our 3 and 4-hour liquids only top-shelf open bar party. Plus dine on a delicious breakfast every morning. So, whether you’re looking for outstanding food options, want to dance the night away, or sip on champagne until midnight hits, we’ve made to sure to indulge all of your senses this new year.

The Platinum Tour

Need even more, we’re offering the must-have package of them all; The Platinum Tour, which will get you some all-inclusive favors you won’t receive anywhere else on the East Coast! Grab your sweetheart and toast with champagne when you arrive at our ICONA resorts. Enjoy an incredible tasting dinner at 9 pm, featuring a five-course meal made by our excellent chef, then pop over to our four-hour liquid happy hour with a top shelf open bar. Plus don’t forget to enjoy your night with dancing, party favors, and smooth DJ beats. Plus, indulge in our breakfast buffet during your trip here. Your two-night stay can get you even more than that, all you have to do is ask about 3rd night, on us!


No matter which ICONA resort you choose there are lots of options to pop champagne and celebrate the welcoming of a brand new year. Go out with a bang this year by partying it up at our NJ beach resorts on the East Coast when you book your stay. Then once you’re here, we’ll get the events rolling on December 31st!


Spend Your Holidays at ICONA

The holidays and ICONA go hand in hand, with our stunning properties spanning three locations throughout New Jersey’s beautiful Atlantic waterfront. You won’t find another spot that will make your Holidays as magical as our NJ beach resorts. Help us celebrate this year, whether it’s giving thanks, something holly and jolly, or toasting to new beginnings, we’ve got just what you need this winter!

Celebrate with ICONA

Are you looking for a way to celebrate the season? ICONA Diamond Beach and ICONA Avalon have everything you need when you stay at these two fabulous locations this holiday season.

Thanksgiving is just in a few days, and while we’re super thrilled that this year has been one of our best, we’re thankful for all of our wonderful guests, both new and returning, as well as our employees who help in the daily affairs to keep our NJ beach resorts running smoothly. Check out our Thanksgiving events at ICONA Avalon and our events at ICONA Diamond Beach.

Looking for a festive party to ring in the bright New Year of 2018? We’ve got you covered! Both of our locations offer fantastic specials for New Year’s Eve, whether you’re searching for the perfect package for two or you’re looking at dancing the night away. We hope to see you this cozy season from the end of November until we toast at Midnight on January 1st! Take a look at our New Year festivities for ICONA Avalon and NYE events at our ICONA Diamond Beach location.

Office Parties at ICONA

ICONA Avalon is hosting the Biggest Little Office Holiday Party on December 9th, and your team is going to want to join in the fun! We know that the holidays, bring about parties for offices all over the country. Treat your whole team to the fantastic opportunity of not only this magnificent holiday party but an entire weekend full of training. All you need to do is schedule your next meeting and corporate event with us and sign your group up for this unique Holiday Party.


However you want to celebrate, give ICONA a try this year and we won’t disappoint. From Thanksgiving meals to bubbly on NYE, you’ll love the season just as much as we do, and you won’t want to miss out on all the entertainment and beautiful scenic Atlantic vistas. Book your ultimate NJ beach resorts getaway before the year ends and see just what makes ICONA magical.

Tips for Relaxing on Vacation in Avalon NJ

Get Away from your Hectic Schedule

Fall means school for the kids, and it can become a busy time due to work and stresses with the anticipation of the holiday season. If you’re ready for a break, head to the Jersey Shore where our hotels in Avalon NJ will make sure any and all stresses melt away. ICONA will become your home away from home, all you have to do is make your way to the Atlantic shore for some much-needed relaxation. Here are some fantastic tips to help you relax and de-stress from your hectic schedule.

Find the right place

First, you’ll want to head somewhere that you can relax, especially your nervous system. Something that brings you a sense of calm. There is no better place to do than at ICONA, with our hotels in Avalon NJ. Not only do we offer comfort and elegance along the shore of jersey beach, but you’ll be able to enjoy reconnecting with your family, friends, or by yourself. Finding the perfect, peaceful getaway is what we all search for when looking for the ultimate relaxation getaway. Here, with us, you’ll see just that and more. As our Cozy season is here, many of the summer visitors head home making it a quieter time to experience the beauty of New Jersey.

Don’t over Schedule

Some vacations you’ll want to pack on all the fun, but here ICONA you don’t have to worry about making sure every minute of your stay has something to do. Nights spent at our resorts are some of the best, especially this time of the year when the beach is relatively free of visitors. Make the most of your getaway; you won’t want to pack everything into a list and do so much that when you return, you need a vacation from your vacation. We highly recommend savoring the moment, whether is a nice bubble bath in your Jacuzzi or sipping on a cup of coffee while watching the waves caress the sandy shores.


We know that your day to day activities might make it hard to reconnect with your partner, your family members, and even yourself, so to make the most of that, you’re going to want to nurture those relationships during your trip. You can do this by spending quality time together, whether it’s hunting seashells on the beach or dining at one of our fabulous restaurants.


Make sure this cozy season to create time for yourself and those around you by escaping your hectic schedule for a fun trip to ICONA. Book your accommodations today, and start experiencing why this season is the coziest of them all.


Getting Cozy at ICONA this Fall

The cozy season is finally here, and we can’t wait for you all to enjoy this time of the year, as much as we do! Fall and winter bring a quieter time to ICONA Diamond Beach, and what better time than right now to pack up for a couple’s retreat just for two at one of our resorts in wildwood crest NJ. Grab your bags, your sweaters, and get ready for the comfiest fall getaway with your loved one!

Fall Foliage Fun

One of the best times of the year is taking place, and you’ll want to be here to see it happen! The fall colors are starting to come alive, and like a kaleidoscope, you’ll see stunning colors ranging from bright reds to vibrant oranges, a mix of yellows and light greens, to deep, dark purples. Not only are our resorts in wildwood crest NJ a great place to experience the East Coast’s takeover of fall foliage but you’ll get to spend a few day nestled up by a fireplace while the ocean waves crash on the beach near your room.

Fall brings a perfect time to get outdoors and adventure throughout Wildwood Crest before many of the shops close for the winter season. We promise that our comfortable accommodations will keep you cozy and toasty warm as the days by the sea draw to a cool, autumn breeze.

With the fall foliage being a hot commodity head out on a cute day trip to experience the beautiful landscape as it transforms into something of a painters hand. We’ve found an amazingly curated list of all the excellent drives you can take during autumn to catch a glimpse of the fall colors. Don’t forget to grab a few of your favorite fallen leaves to bring home with you, just another beautiful reminder of your peaceful getaway to the shores of NJ. We recommend taking one of your leaves, and a fun metallic sharpie and writing the date you travel, then place it in a picture frame and hang your framed leaf on a wall. Make a few, and you can create a lovely photo gallery from your vacation. Plus, you’ll get to remember your memorable stay at ICONA every time you see it.

Fall on the Beach

There is so much to do at our fantastic resorts in wildwood crest NJ, especially if you’re looking for couples retreat ideas, we’ve got you covered! We mentioned the beach, and that is one of the principal things to do this fall season. After the crowd’s retreat from summer, fall makes it quite along the beach, so it’s possible you’ll get to enjoy a walk hand-in-hand, just the two of you! How great is that? We think it’s pretty romantic, and you can search some of the best beach seashells at the same time! Bring a few seashells home and put them at the bottom of a vase, then display it anywhere of your choosing as a simple reminder of your incredible couple’s vacation to New Jersey. After you’ve spent time beachside, head back to the resort, for dinner at one of our fabulous and tasty restaurants where you’ll get to dine on fantastic locally caught seafood and meats.

Get to Apple Picking

Make sure you spend a day at an orchard! As the Garden State is full of lush orchards, you’ll want to indulge in apple everything while you’re here. You’ll have so much fun spending the take picking apples and sipping on some deliciously fresh brewed cider, with your loved one. Make sure to take some great photos so you have adorable memories that will last a lifetime! Check out a great list of all the farms in New Jersey that you can visit while at one of our resorts in Wildwood Crest NJ.

Let your adventurous side come out when you have a day away; we promise our cozy suites will be waiting for you when you return. Here at ICONA Diamond Beach, we have everything to make sure you’re comfortable during the coziest season of all! With lots of accommodations, days on the beach, and fantastic fall activities coming up, you’ll want to be here to experience with your sweetheart. Book your sweet retreat today and start imagining all of the wonderful harvest activities you’ll be able to enjoy with your loved one by your side.

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Oktoberfest is Coming to ICONA Avalon!

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Oktoberfest is coming up here in the next few weeks, and we want you to be apart of our life at ICONA. So, we’re inviting you to join us for ICONA Avalon’s first Oktoberfest! That’s right, Avalon Brew Pub and Grill is hosting this year’s top fall party. Grab your lederhosen and your mugs and head to the best Avalon NJ resorts on the East Coast because it’s going to be lager than life!

Oktoberfest at ICONA Avalon!

Oktoberfest is known as a Bavarian cultural festival celebrating beer, food, and fun! Traditionally, this festival begins on the third weekend in September and usually runs through the beginning of October. Here at ICONA Avalon, you’ll be able to experience all the festivities and beer when you vacation during October 14, 2017.

Spend the day near the sandy beaches of the Atlantic at Avalon Brew Pub, which will feature their brand new lineup of brews and fantastic beer from other companies. You’ll get to dine on Bavarian pretzels, delicious sausages, and great live music. With polka music playing from a German Oompah Band, meet us at the Sandbar Village to get the party started! But, don’t forget to bring the kids! With root beer, tasty cotton candy, and lots of games to keep them entertained,  the little ones will have a blast, just as much as you!

There are few options for you to pick, ticket-wise. Our Advanced tickets will get you a 21+ access to all the fun, a ½ liter Acrylic Beer Stein, and our $8 food and beverage ticket which can be redeemed for 1/2 L Beer, Giant Bavarian Pretzel, Brat, Chicken Tenders, House Mixed Drink, Tee Shirt (2) tickets. Our under 21 tickets will get you three of our $2 food and beverage tickets which are also able to redeem for Root Beer, Bottled Water, Cotton Candy, Crafts, Games, or Face Painting.

One of the best parts about our Oktoberfest this year is how every event ticket purchased will donate $1 to Lunch with Lynch, a local non-profit organization which helps area children through educational opportunities!

Excited for the Beer? So are We!

Avalon Brew Pub is excited to debut four new brews this Oktoberfest. You’ll get to sip on our, “We Don’t Play,” which is an IPA, and our “Cooler by a Mile,” a delicious Session IPA. You’ll want to make sure to try the ‘Belgian Beach Bum, a popular Witbier, or relax while enjoying ‘Chill Pilz,” our fabulous Pilsner.

Avalon Brew Pub is the perfect location for this October event. You’ll find both indoor and outdoor, al fresco dining that will give you an upscale but casual feel. The stunning interiors bring together family and friends, and you’ll enjoy dining on the gastropub style menu with fabulously paired spirits and drinks. Even if you’re not a beer drinker, no need to worry, our brewpub has a full bar which features signature east coast cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages!

Something Special this Fall

This year, there is an extra special reason why you should join us at one of the best Avalon NJ resorts, as our very own micro-brewery, Avalon Brew Pub, will be featuring their first line-up of beers!  While our fantastic craft beers will debut during Oktoberfest, you can still sip on some outstanding local craft favorites, in the meantime!

Not only can you sip on a nice cold, delicious hoppy brew, but you’ll also get to experience the beach which is steps away from our resort. Set right on the east coast, you’ll love ringing in a new festival while sinking your toes into the soft, sandy shore.

It’s going to be a hoppy one, so join us this October while we celebrate our brand new brews and you get a taste of the ICONA lifestyle at our fantastic and cozy ICONA Avalon. Book your New Jersey vacation today. Then start dreaming about all the wonderful libations and mouth-water food you’ll be able to dine on during Oktoberfest!


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What to Bring to your New Jersey Beach Resort Vacation

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What to Bring to your New Jersey Beach Resort Vacation


Summer is coming, and it’s time to pack your bags, New Jersey Beach is calling your name. As you’re packing, there are a few items you might want to have. We’ve got you covered, keep reading and find out our essential MUST-HAVES for the Beach, then head to ICONA Resorts for an unbelievable vacation along the shore.

Skincare Essentials

Skincare is must have when spending any time in the sun. Harsh UV rays can cause damage with sunburn or sunspots. Protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays is important to skin health. Using an SPF sunscreen of 15-50 can help reduce the impact of the sun. It’s also beneficial to re-apply throughout your beach day! If you end up getting burnt, make sure you have Aloe Vera with you. Aloe is great for it’s cooling relief.

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Along with skincare, swimwear is also essential for your day (or days) at the beach! You won’t want to forget your favorite swimsuit, whether it’s a bikini, cool one-piece, board-shorts, or square-cut trunks. You may also want to bring more than one option for your trip. Mixing and matching your clothing is also crucial. Swimwear that is versatile furthermore can be worn in a few different ways will last longer than one outfit. Beyond your swimsuit, you’ll want to think about beach-wear like cover-ups and flip-flops or comfortable sandals to slip on and off. Cover ups can include everything from sundresses to shorts and tees and button-ups. Try a floppy hat or baseball cap as you enjoy some fun in the sun.

 avalon nj resorts, Beach resorts NJ, beach weddings in nj, cape may resorts on the beach, diamond beach resort, golden inn avalon nj, New Jersey Beach Resort, NJ Shore Resorts, resorts in cape may nj, Wildwood crest hotels on the beachItems you Might Forget

We know you’ll pack your skincare regimen, and much-needed suits for the beach but these things, often forgotten about are also essential. When packing your beach bag in your room, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes – you might end up at one of our restaurants after a day in the sun. You might want to invest in a radio or Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy some fun beats while playing in the sand. A small, simple first aid kit is also something to consider. Bandaids, anti-bacterial wipes, and cream can come in handy if you or a loved one get a cut. Finally, don’t forget your sunglasses! Like protecting your skin, your eyes also need help with UV protected sunnies. We recommend finding a cheap pair and leaving your expensive glasses at home, in case you lose them or they break.


Your New Jersey Beach Resort will be an incredible experience so make sure you pack these necessary items for you!  Everything from skincare to your beach swimwear and items you might forget, you won’t want to leave these at home when visiting our ICONA Resorts this summer. Book your summertime getaway with us today and start creating your must-have list for the beach!


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Best Places to Eat on the NJ Shore this Summer

golden inn avalon nj, resorts in cape may nj, diamond beach resort, beach weddings in nj, avalon nj resorts, cape may resorts on the beach, New Jersey Beach Resort, Beach resorts NJ, Wildwood crest hotels on the beach, NJ Shore ResortsBest Places to Eat on the NJ Shore this Summer

ICONA Resorts dot the New Jersey Shore landscape and come this summer; you might get hungry while spending your days at the beach. There are a few restaurants to try when visiting either ICONA Diamond Beach, ICONA Cape May, or our newest resort ICONA Golden Inn.



All of ICONA Resort’s restaurants bring together the classic elegance of beach luxury with a mix of coastal life. That is what you will find at Bungalow No. 7 when you spend your vacation at ICONA Diamond Beach or ICONA Cape May. Located right on the beach, enjoy a fresh cocktail as our toasty fire pits keep you warm. We promise you will also like the classic Mediterranean flare our chef’s bring to the table. Keep it light and fun as you sway to the nightly, live music.


If you are looking for something more elegant head to Shimmers Bistro in Avalon, New Jersey. Part of our Iconic Golden Inn restaurant selection you will not go wrong choosing this contemporary flare. The lounge-style restaurant hosts comfy chairs and couches, as well as a cute library nook where you can sip coffee in the morning and premium wines at nighttime.


Also at ICONA Golden Inn, this open-air beach bar and lounge are perfect for those wanting to kick back and relax. The Sandbar Village is right next to our pool, so no need to get up and move, just order drinks and appetizers poolside when you get hungry. Plus, move to the beat when you dine with us, as our lively beach bar host excellent live entertainment nightly!


Whichever restaurant you choose to dine at while staying with ICONA Resorts, you are sure to experience the nice meeting of expensive leisure and seaside life. Lounge by the beach with poolside service, sip on specialty wines and other delicious drinks or enjoy a bite of wonderful food that spans a broad range of flavors. Books your stay at ICONA Resorts today and start dreaming of your NJ Shore getaway and become a foodie this summer season when you try our fantastic eateries.

What’s New at our NJ Beach Resorts?

golden inn avalon nj, resorts in cape may nj, diamond beach resort, beach weddings in nj, avalon nj resorts, cape may resorts on the beach, New Jersey Beach Resort, Beach resorts NJ, Wildwood crest hotels on the beach, NJ Shore ResortsWhat’s New at our NJ Beach Resorts?

Currently, spring events are beginning to take over, and we’re especially looking forward to summer here at ICONA Golden Inn. As busy schedules are underway and summer inches closer, what better way to take a break and see what’s new, then heading out east to ICONA Golden Inn? Featuring an entire oceanfront block, ICONA Golden Inn is truly a must see landmark in Avalon, New Jersey. Our waterfront views will give you and yours the most coveted access to NJ beach resorts.


Classic Beachside Dining

Service and style come together in a perfect blend at the Jersey Shores. ICONA Golden Inn has undergone a transformation and upgrade with comfort in mind. This summer, you’ll get to experience the all-new Shimmers Bistro. Serving delicious coffee and yummy sweet treats in the morning, and fine wine and small plates in the evening. Our brand new bistro is wonderful for those wanting to enjoy our resorts’ food to its fullest. You might even want to try a famous cocktail at Sandbar Village Beach Bar & Lounge. Its poolside location is great for anyone wanting to relax and catch a few rays of sunshine. No matter who you travel with to ICONA Resorts, our dining possibilities, and easy beach location are an option for everyone, whether you’re with family, friends, or your loved one.


Coming Summer 2017, those seeking a more casual atmosphere will appreciate the convenience of our Avalon Brew Pub. There has been an immense growing popularity of Craft Beers in New Jersey and around the country. That being said, here at ICONA Resorts, we saw a new opportunity and decided to bring a gastropub style menu with plenty of craft beers to choose from. Avalon Brew Pub also offers many non-alcoholic beverages to satisfy every guest.

golden inn avalon nj, resorts in cape may nj, diamond beach resort, beach weddings in nj, avalon nj resorts, cape may resorts on the beach, New Jersey Beach Resort, Beach resorts NJ, Wildwood crest hotels on the beach, NJ Shore ResortsSeaside Style

On top of our seaside dining, ICONA Golden Inn has reinvented what seaside decor should be. With a nod to the small island of Nantucket, our new interiors are finished with the compliments of classic luxury and a hint of seaside flare, that you’ll find in Avalon, New Jersey. Soft colors palettes of beach white, sandy neutrals, and weathered finishes will follow you to your room. Pops of sunshine yellow and navy blue highlight the beautiful ocean view and remind you that you’re on the vacation of a lifetime. Luxury is at every corner with our NJ beach resorts. Stainless Steel features and marble counter tops that span too large bathroom showers works well with our calm, beachy style.

Get Fit with ICONA Golden Inn

Our brand-new, state-of-the-art fitness room will also be joining us Summer 2017. Open 24 hours per day this wonderful oasis along the shore will feature treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, free weights, and more. Join our ICONA Golden Inn staff every Saturday morning to relax on the beach by trying out our Yoga class. We’re pleased to offer Quarterly Wellness Retreats to let our guests escape their busy lives. You’ll experience workout routines fit for you and your lifestyle, delicious and healthier food options, informational sessions, and more. When you book one of these retreats you’ll be able to rejuvenate and transform your life.


ICONA Golden Inn has been a New Jersey Shore landmark for many years. Brand new rooms and suites, restaurants, a premiere wedding venue, fitness center, spa, and stunning new lobby will ensure guests experience our new kind of service and style. ICONA Golden Inn is truly an escape from your busy life at NJ beach resorts. Everything you need is within arm’s reach we, at ICONA Resorts, are here to make sure your vacation is one to remember. Book your Summer 2017 beach vacation today and start dreaming of our new amenities.

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Springtime Sightseeing in NJ

golden inn avalon nj, resorts in cape may nj, diamond beach resort, beach weddings in nj, avalon nj resorts, cape may resorts on the beach, New Jersey Beach Resort, Beach resorts NJ, Wildwood crest hotels on the beach, NJ Shore ResortsSpringtime Sightseeing  in NJ

The snow is melting which means it is time to get outside. In New Jersey, there is so much to see and experience from boardwalks to Cape May County Zoo. We’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for as there is plenty to do this spring on your New Jersey beach resort vacation. ICONA Resorts has everything you need and in the right location for experiencing the beauty that is Jersey Shore.

Three Fun Locations Make Three Great Getaways

Whether day or night, you will find whatever your heart desires in Wildwood Crest, where ICONA Diamond Beach is located. The legendary boardwalk alone has three amusement piers featuring over 100 rides and attractions, including world-class roller coasters and three beachfront waterparks. At night, Wildwood comes alive with grown-up fun. Relax with a few friends at one of the many dance clubs, Irish pubs, lounges, sports bars or hot spots.

Our ICONA Cape May guests will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun they can have around Cape May. We promise that even on rainy days, you won’t be bored. Year-round, you can find entertainment, art shows, go boating, visit the Cape May County Zoo, and enjoy the beautiful natural environment by the sea. Hit the shops along the Washington Street Mall or duck into a restaurant to wait out the rain. Plus, when staying at ICONA Cape May, we can help you experience everything our town has to offer.

Along the gorgeous Avalon, NJ shore you’ll find our newly restored ICONA Golden Inn. You will be surprised at how much there is to do within seven miles. On the days when the weather isn’t cooperating shopping is an excellent alternative. Avalon’s downtown shopping district has everything you need including high-end boutiques, retail stores, and more. The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down, in fact, for many it is beginning! Plan a night with the family including several mini golf locations throughout town and end the night with ice cream. Be sure to experience one of our many nighttime hot spots, from acoustic singers to popular bands, places to dance the night away and smaller venues to sit and chat with friends.

Spring into your NJ Beach Resort

ICONA Resorts have three fantastic locations to make your vacation great. Whether you are getting out on the town or enjoying all the amenities our resorts have to offer, your spring vacation will be memorable. When the sun comes out a New Jersey Beach Resort is where you need to be this spring!